Safeguard critical data and help ensure regulatory compliance with network isolation, security control and validation solution.

In this networked driven environment, it is critical that organizations have flexible, adaptable and automated mechanisms to meet their risk profile and business needs. As network isolation and data leakage detection technology is a critical component of information security control policy, an industry proven technology for network isolation is essential.

Open Platform for 3rd Party Cyber Security

Instruments offers lightweight and distributed cyber capability fabric that helps to embrace the cyber ecosystem.

Instruments are components dedicated for specific monitoring tasks and are installed on a Sensor Platform. Sensor Platform will be deployed either as a hardware or virtual appliance. Virtual appliance or Cloud Service based Fleet Management controls the fleet of sensors and orchestrates Instrument deployments.


Hoxhunt helps security leaders and employees join forces to prevent data breaches. Hoxhunt is a Human Risk Management platform that goes beyond security awareness to drive behavior change and measurably lower risk.

 Data breaches start with people, so Hoxhunt does too. We combine AI and behavioral science to create individualized micro-training experiences people love. Employees learn to detect and report advanced phishing attacks. Operations teams respond fast with limited resources. And security leaders gain outcome-driven metrics to document reduced cybersecurity risk.

Hoxhunt works with leading global companies such as Airbus, IGT, DocuSign, Nokia, AES, Avanade, and Kärcher and partners with leading global cybersecurity companies such as Microsoft and Deloitte.