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New agile methods for improving cyber security in companies

In this report from NCSC-FI feasilibity study in co-operation with SensorFu Oy and BadRap Oy we helped to determine new agile methods for improving cyber security in companies. The study was completed during year 2020 with eleven Finnish Critical Infrastructure organizations participating as pilot customers.

Protecting water utility against nation state cyber adversary

In this whitepaper we discuss:

  • Why critical infrastructure must be protected from cyber threats?
  • What is Locked Shields?
  • How SensorFu Beacon protected water treatment plant?

Experiences with the Beacon deployments

In this whitepaper about SensorFu Beacon:

  • What SensorFu Beacon offers for network segregation monitoring?
  • How and why network segregation can fail?
  • What we have learned doing real world Beacon deployments?


This blog is about the series of Log4Shell vulnerabilities, how they affected our software development and how we helped our customer to validate their networks. I hope this blog will give the reader an insider view of what it is actually like to patch and detect those vulnerabilities.

SensorFleet Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution was deployed on the HAVARO ecosystem in the second half of 2020. HAVARO is a national monitoring and early warning system provided by the NCSC-FI for critical infrastructure providers and government organizations.

At SensorFleet we often run trials in co-operation with our customers and partners, and the new codebase is tested in different virtualized environments and partner networks to validate fixes and to test new features. In this case we got interesting results and one could say we were a bit lucky,…